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Rebecca Robinson, Fiber Artist


Hello! I'm Rebecca Robinson. I live just outside of Raleigh, North Carolina with my husband and two young children. 

I've always been a creative soul with a strong love for the visual arts, movement through dance, music, calligraphy and creative writing. I graduated with my degree in Art from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2011, where I had been the worst art student in my class. I couldn't draw, paint or make a mug on the potter's wheel to save my life.

After some years of working professionally in graphic and web design, as well as photography, I began to dabble in the 3D arts, creating beaded and floral bohemian bridal hairpieces that would be worn around the world.

When I became pregnant with my first child, my creative life took a four-year hiatus while I focused on my full-time job, keeping two tiny humans alive and staying as sane as possible.

When my second child was around one year old, I felt a deep pull to do something creative again. I needed an outlet that didn't involve tiny beads and bits of dried foliage all over the floors for those tiny humans to eat. It was then that I discovered the art of weaving and fell in love hard and fast.

I grew up playing in the woods, and am deeply inspired by the forest and the earth's natural beauty. I love to create whimsical, enchanting pieces that mimic the organic, unexpected beauty found in nature. I am most drawn to deep, moody and dramatic colors, but often work with bright, pastel and neutral palettes as well.

In my e-book, "The Art of Abstract Weaving", I answer all of the questions I am asked most frequently and thoroughly share my process of weaving an abstract piece from start to finish, including over three hours of video tutorials.

Although most of my current work is displayed in homes and small commercial spaces throughout the world, I dream of working on large-scale installation pieces someday.

Thanks for popping into my little world! To keep up with my latest work and happenings, please connect with me on Instagram @rebeccafiberart.

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